Sunday, 1 November 2009


The white fog, everywhere,
Behind and beneath the trees,
Covering the woods from view
Like the indian bride covers her face.
With the rays that wake the earth
The dew drops shine like jewels,
Before they die into vapour,
And rise to the sky above.
Again comes they, with the next dawn
To die again with the coming of the morn.
This is what we call a life cycle
To fall, to shine, to die and to rise.

Whispers in my sleep.


I love you so much

That I have no words to say.

And I know that you love me too,

More than I ever can repay.

Take me in your arms,

Let me feel you all my day.

Drop me not, for I have none

If I don't have you on my way.

Be with me when I am happy or sad

Be with me all night and all day.

Just watch my steps from everywhere

And allow me not go astray.