Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Insha Allah

You know what, I read this article in a magazine and found it very interesting. I never knew what exactly fate meant until I read this. Some thoughts from the article: Allah has given man the power to decide anything. He can think and plan his deeds. He can chose between the right or wrong, chose between likes and dislikes and chose anything he want. He has been given the complete control over his brains. But when it comes to action, or his deed, it depends on the place and time (or scientifically, the four co-ordinates). Men do not have any control over the place and time. Only Allah has. So you can plan to fly to the stars tomorrow, you can take a dive in the ocean to see its underground wealth. But you cannot put it into action until and unless Allah has decided to do so. So when you plan to do something and say, “I’ll do it”, you may be wrong. Sometimes you will never be able to do it. But instead if you use, Insha Allah, or ‘if Allah wills’, it means you have decided to do something and since the complete control of time and place is with Allah, you cannot put you decision into action- you need His consent to do it. So Fate or Qadr means the control of place and time by Allah.

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