About Me

Its me - a girl,

Some say I'm a woman,

But I see myself as a baby

Staring at this huge universe.

I love to write out my thoughts

To share my lively moments with you.

I love to dance with the raindrops,

To wash away the dirt, if any, in me.

With open eyes I admire the world,

The stars, the moon and the monsoon.

I want to extend my hands to you,

In friendship, help and support,

As much as I can.

Here are my thoughts,

My lessons, my experiences from my life

Painted on the black-board,

With colorful pens and chalks,

For you to note down

If there are any tips and points.


I'm Najeeba, living in Dubai with hubby, orginally from South India, or to be precise - Kerala. I love writing, reading and dreaming. Here I share my culture, my fears, my dreams, my religion and my passion for writing, with you - in the form of poems, prose and just thoughts.

More about me here.

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