Thursday, 24 February 2011

New Revolution...

Going through the TV and newspapers, watching whats happening in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya...

The New Revolution starting from Africa!

I hope the revolution goes on, from Africa to Midlle-east to Asia to Europe to Americas to Australia.

I pray for the spark to burn the whole world... and let the earth get purer like  gold being purified by melting it in fire.

Let the corrupt leaders flee...

Let the aristocracy vanish...

Let the democracy prevail...

Let the mass be free...

Let the world become a better place to live in...

I join in prayers with the people who took part to get their freedom from their pharaoh-like leaders...

Praying for a better tomorrow.


  1. Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmathullah,

    Dear Sister,

    Ali(radiyallahuanhu), during his caliphite, once encountered a person(from Khawaarij sect). This person enquired why there was so much problems/tribulations those days."During the reign of Abubecker(radiyallahu anhu) or Umar(radiyallahu anhu) we never encountered such problems. We encounter this in your times. Why is that?" To this he(radhiyallahu anhu) replied: " During the reign of Abubecker and Umar(radiyallahu anhumaa) we were the people upon whom they ruled. As for during my reign, I rule upon persons like you.

    In short, as Ibn Qayyim(rahimahullah) mentioned our leaders are a reflection of our lives. When we are corrupt, it is no wonder that our rulers are corrupt. So blame not the ruler rather blame ourselves.

    So sister, you do not understand what revolution is nor do you comprehend what democracy is, all you know is people are being freed and they are embracing freedom!

    Subhaanallah (Golry be to Allah)!

    This is not what you should be doing.
    Rather, we should be praying to Allah for this Fithna to end and peace to return.
    May Allah guide you to the Truth. Aameen.

    To understand what Fithna is and to realize what position a muslim should take during the times of Fithna, one should strive to learn the lessons what Allah(subhaana wa taala) and His Messenger(sallallaahu alahiwasallam) taught. This book shall shed some light Insha Allah.

    This is just a Naseeha because the Dheen(Islam) is nothing but Naseeha.

    Abu Hamna Rashid Khaleel Rahman
    (An Ansar Alumni)

  2. Dear Brother,
    Wa alaikumussalam Warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu,
    Thanks for your comment, and I do respect your views about fitna, revolution and freedom. I do know what democracy is, and I am not 100% sure that people in Tunisia, Egypt etc etc will get what they want, until they strive for that very hard.

    As you said, our rulers are a mirror image of ourselves. So until we become good humans, we cannot expect such a Utopian system.
    But that doesn't mean we should be slaves of the aristocracy. Should we allow ourselves to be ruled by a single man for 30+ years? Should we wait till the whole citizens to become good to change our rulers? I got a blogger from egypt, and what she hopes is to get government services without paying bribes.
    I'm an Indian (and I think you too are one) and I know the situation in India. Is there a single system here that does not go without the bribes? Shouldn't we do anything against it? Or should we just sit here and pray... just pray that the fitna should end?

    As you said, our rulers reflect us. That is the reason why the people in tunisia, egypt etc got rid of their rulers - the rulers (some of them richer than Bill Gates) doesn't reflect the poor citizens anymore.
    Revolution sometimes brings many bad things too. Many people die, so many buildings, monuments etc will be destroyed, economy grows weak, many become homeless and orphans. But for a good tomorrow, we should suffer these damages.
    I am praying for the fitna to end, and for the brave revolutionists to get a better country where they can live 'freely' and peacefully.
    I don't have any Quran verses or hadeeth to put here, for a proof of what I said ( I can give you if you want it). But I know the present day great scholar Yusuful Qardavi was there in Egypt during the protests, and he joins the people in it.

    With prayers,


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